do they really pay you? Everything you need to know

There are apps that promise to earn money by walking. But do they really work? Here is the answer to the fateful question

In recent years, apps have spread that promise to earn money by walking. The apps are very tempting to smartphone owners, who are intrigued by their functionality. In fact, we all walk every day, often even for long distances. Think you can get paid for these “efforts“, which we consider completely normal, is certainly positive. Like everything that promises to earn easily – not only apps and software in general, but also some types of work – people often tend to turn up their noses.

Earning while walking seems like a slogan or a little more, and not even the best. Many users will surely wonder if it can ever be so easy to receive money, and will probably decide not to download the app in question, thinking it is a scam. But is it really a scam or is there a grain of truth? Let’s find out what it is and if these applications are reliable.

Are apps for earning money by walking reliable?

Among the most famous apps there are Virtuous And Sweatcoin. The operation of these software is as follows: by activating the geolocation of the mobile phone, you begin to earn a digital currency that can be used to purchase various types of goods. These include televisions, cell phones or Amazon coupons. The payment, therefore, is internal to the application and cannot be used outside of it. To earn a significant amount, you must also walk a lot. The effort required is quite high. Is it therefore convenient to download them?

As also reported by the newspaper, walking is good for you and actually downloading these apps can be an incentive for training and physical exertion. Although the potential gain is not extremely high, therefore, it may still be worthwhile to decide to try them. In this way, we would be pushed to walk more and this could earn us something, although not in a way that would make us rich. In addition, if the products offered by the apps prove to be interesting and worth the effort, downloading them could be even more convenient. Do apps for earning money by walking really pay off, then? Yes, and they could also be very useful for our health. Certainly, however, they cannot replace a job or be considered the best way to earn money.

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