Do you remember Andrea Ruggieri, ex of Anna Falchi? Caught together with a very famous Mediaset journalist

What happened to Anna Falchi’s ex? Who is Andrea Ruggieri with now? Fans of the couple formed by the iconic presenter of the nineties and the lawyer Ruggieri are very curious about what the life of the two is now like. Here is who Andrea Ruggieri was spotted with in Salento.

Many will remember Anna Falchi. It is one of the faces most frequently seen on the small screen in the 1990s and early 2000s. Falchi is a model who later became an actress and TV presenter. Born in Finland, the colors and features that characterize her beauty have meant that many of her wanted her in their broadcasts. Many others of her also remember her for having been paired with Fiorello, another conductor much loved by the public. After the relationship with Fiorello, Falchi found love with Andrea Ruggieri. The two have been together for 11 years and recently announced the end of their romance.

This is an announcement that has saddened the public of those who closely follow the daily life of the famous presenter. Subsequently, Falchi decided to come out with another important relationship, the one with Walter RondinĂ². The latest rumors about the couple that formed Falchi and Ruggieri concern the latter. After the news on the love life of the presenter, many want to know what happened to Anna Falchi’s ex. It seems that during this summer, Andrea Ruggieri has found a good company to spend the last days of his vacation with.

Are Andrea Ruggieri and Simona Branchetti a couple?

Anna Falchi’s ex Andrea Ruggieri has been spotted in Salento with his new life partner. This is Simona Branchetti, a journalist also known as the host of Morning News on Canale Cinque.

Former Forza Italia parliamentarian Andrea Ruggieri and Simona Branchetti were seen on the Salento coast. The two were seen in affectionate attitudes. To date, no reliable rumor has been confirmed that the two actually have a romantic relationship. Right now, Andrea Ruggieri and Simona Branchetti would only be involved in a great friendship. In fact, the two were spotted in the middle of a busy chat. It seems that there have been no effusions during the days on the Apulian coast. There are many who would be fans of this new potential couple. In fact, the two both have bitter disappointments in love behind them. Andrea Ruggieri has been with Anna Falchi for 11 years. Branchetti, on the other hand, has been married twice.

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