Do you remember Edwige Fenech, legend of Italian cinema? Here’s how she became today at 73

Have you ever wondered what happened to Edwige Fenech? The beauty icon of the 60s-80s today is unrecognizable and you will hardly believe her physical change.

Lovers of sexy films of the early 70s will absolutely remember the beautiful Edwige Fenech, icon and forbidden dream of thousands of Italians. Her debut took place in the film Samoa, queen of the jungle, when a talent scout noticed her and could not give up her presence in the film. The figure of her marked an era and created a very specific genre that still today amuses lovers and not only in a rather tender way given the change that has taken place over the years.

The woman’s sensuality and beauty also allowed her to pose for the famous magazine Playboy and in the world of cinema, he had the honor of supporting characters such as Lino Banfi and the famous couple formed by Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. In addition to the camera, he has contributed to the writing of programs such as Under the stars And Sunday In and led the Sanremo Festival in 1991. Have you wondered after many years if the show is still in the life of Fenech and how has it become today?

Edwige Fenech and the impressive change

Edwige Fenech’s physical change is remarkable as she will soon be preparing to blow out 74 candles. Being a beauty icon is difficult, as the popular imagination photographs your youth and the golden years in which the peak of desire was reached, making it difficult to accept the passage of time. In the case of the French actress, her charm is ageless and is visible more than ever in her daughter wrinkles of an indescribable life and career. The care of her appearance is fundamental for her and is palpable in the images of her that portray her radiant in her seventies.

In addition, the actress always exhibits an elegance and finesse out of the ordinary, which have always made her famous for this trademark usually very far from the performers who engage in sexy roles. Edwige has not abandoned the world of cinema and entertainment, as she has become a producer and director and some of the most popular fictions on Rai 1 have seen her contribution. Years after her popularity exploded, she said she regretted some of the choices she made because, if she had the chance to go back, she wouldn’t accept some of the roles that led her to become a symbol. of sensuality in the world.

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