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Elda Alvigini, from the success of ‘I Cesaroni’ to the hospitalization that scared everyone. But what happened? The actress’s story …

Italy it is certainly not a homeland where it is easy to be successful in the world of the TV series. They are very important, especially from the United States where there is a very important production. Of course, a great deal of work has been done in recent years to try to bring our country up to standards worthy of note. And so ‘Gomorra’, just to give an example, but also ‘Suburra’ and still other productions that Italy has also managed to sell abroad. But what has always been able to attract attention in our country are fiction.

Elda Alvigini (Instagram)

A particular type of serial product, which over time has also undergone several transformations, approaching the TV series product understood as the one exported from America. Among those that have been most successful in our country over the last 20 years, certainly not to be ignored ‘The Cesaroni‘, which has even become a sort of cult of the genre in recent years. These are very important numbers for a product that has managed to break through the hearts of those who were the new generations at the time.

Claudio Amendola, Elena Sofia Ricci but also those who at the time were the young Matteo Branciamore and Alessandra Mastronardi. These are just some of the protagonists of ‘I Cesaroni’, which then also had a very important peak of notoriety. A much loved character was also that of Stefania Masetti, played by Elda Alvigini. Actress with a very long career between cinema and television, Elda entered the context with great personality, making herself appreciated by everyone.

Remember Elda Alvigini? Stefania de ‘I Cesaroni’, you had to undergo a sudden hospitalization

Elda Alvigini
Elda Alvigini (web source)

One of the latest works, ‘Compromises spouses‘directed by Francesco Miccichè, it was much appreciated. In recent years, however, there has also been a moment where Alvigini scared her fans. A sudden hospitalization that saw her as a protagonist. But for what reason?

His story, done through social media, has blown everyone away and dates back to about a year ago. “In short, it happens like this: you get a strong stomach ache, like colic, then you take a muscle relaxant, but nothing goes away, on the contrary it becomes more defined, in the lower right corner. When in doubt, and given the pain I go to sleep without dinner and with the pain always there ”, the words of Elda.

“In the morning I call the doctor and go to see me in my car; I suspected it was appendicitis, but I didn’t even think it was in the acute phase, so much to me hospitalize immediately! ”, Explained Alvigini again. In short, a common pathology but which evidently had a very heavy emotional impact in her case.

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