Do you remember Ludovico Fremont, Walter de ‘I Cesaroni’? Here is what happened to it

You will remember Walter dei Cesaroni. He was Marco’s wild friend. But now the actor who lent him the face that he ended up with?

Ludovico Fremont, this is the name of the actor who played Walter in the long-lived fiction I Cesaroni, is an Italian actor born in 1982. Certainly the Mediaset series is the one that allowed him to achieve more success, however there are many fictional products in which he worked. For example we remember the film Write it on the walls with Cristiana Capotondi or the very successful Raiuno series that God help us. In fact, in the latter Ludovico was present during the second season.

But nothing has given him visibility like I Cesaroni. His character, Walter’s, was the most loved. Not particularly handsome but very nice, he managed to win the hearts of all the girls, including that of the beautiful Carlotta. And how can we forget all the troubles he put Marco in? Impossible! Beyond the nostalgia that comes to think of this fiction, today we ask ourselves what happened to Ludovico. We see it less and less on the small screen. Are you curious?

Ludovico Fremont has left everything, that’s what he’s doing now

A truly brilliant actor, Ludovico started his acting career when he was just a kid, studying at the Nazarene college and graduating in 2004 from the National Academy of Dramatic Art. Many of the greats of the theater with whom he worked, such as Luca Ronconi in the theatrical show La centaura. On the other hand when you say good blood he does not lie it is really true and Fremont is the testimony since he grew up in a family where they ate bread and art. His mother was in fact a dancer, while his father a painter.

Ludovico has always been very reserved about his personal life, to the detriment of Walter’s character who was anything but a quiet type … We can only imagine looking at his Instagram profile – judging from the photos – that he is with Simona Fiorenza, a entrepreneur who works in the administrative sector. Previously, however, he also had another important story from which his splendid daughter, Regina Amelie, was born. But then are you curious to find out what happened to it?

Ludovico Fremont today spends a lot of time with his family to which he is particularly attached, in fact on the well-known fuchsia social network of the Meta group there is never a shortage of photos of him together with his partner and daughter. Precisely for this reason we imagine that he has decided to put aside the world of entertainment to devote himself to his loved ones. However, we hope that he will soon return to entertain us with one of his brilliant roles of him.

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