Does anyone else risk their life? A new mystery to solve!

Gradually, after a few months almost monopolized by a storyline that led to the tragic ending we all know, A Place in the Sun returns to propose plots of different cut, including an obvious prospect of a legal battle between Niko Poggi (Luca Turco) and Micaela Cirillo (Gina Amarante). But there are new surprises on the horizon so don’t even try to relax, because there won’t be a chance!

Oh yeah. At this moment there is still no inkling, but in a very short time (a matter of days!) The fans of Upas they will suddenly find themselves immersed in an almost detective film atmosphere, with a surprising case that the police will have to try to solve. And the case, we anticipate it, is really striking because someone will run the risk of staying dry! Who is in danger? And who will be the culprit?

Spoiler A place in the sun: new strong emotions are coming!

The Neapolitan soap of Rai 3 therefore chooses once again to focus on strong emotions, which – to be honest – we do not mind at all. Waiting to witness this new mystery, however, the other events will not stop offering us numerous twists.

We mainly talk about the story of Nuncio (Vladimir Randazzo) and Clear (Alessandra Masi): as you already know if you have read our previous poststhe junior Cammarota will eventually be able to find his beloved in Cape Verde, but discovering that once again the young Petrone has relapsed into cocaine …

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