Driving license B is not enough, if you have one of these new cars you cannot drive them

Cars have a problem: they are getting heavier and heavier. This is the reason why soon the Driving License B may no longer be enough to drive the most impressive cars that are built in 2022.

Have you just got your Driving License B? Good for you but there are some cars that you may not be able to drive anyway. Here is the reason behind the legal problems.

Another problem to drive (Canva)

Bigger and bigger

It is no mystery that cars in the last ten years have become increasingly large and cumbersome. Yes, electric cars like the Twizy or the 500E rely heavily on reducing the size to park much easier in the city. But most car manufacturers, as we know by now, focus more on SUVs, especially those that produce luxury cars.

Another reason why the weight of the cars increases inevitably it is technological progress: there are more and more options, components and of course safety systems that a car must have on board to be competitive on the market and approved by those who decide whether a car is safe enough for the European market, the most demanding of all. Not to mention the weight of batteries in electric cars.

All this in Italy is creating a legal dispute which could even lead to the revision of the current license fees B, the one that traditionally serves to drive all cars. In particular, there is a recently released car that has caused a great uproar about the limits of this official document.

How do I drive it?

The regulations currently in force in Italy on the Driving License B establish that with this you can drive all vehicles of weight not superior to three and a half tons. Such an absurd weight that unless you want to drive an armored car like the ones manufactured by Rezvani it shouldn’t worry you. Instead, there are SUVs that come dangerously close to this limit!

Off target is there Conquest Knight XV, custom off-road vehicle for sale in the USA that weighs over five tons! Even the new Hummer EV could not theoretically be driven by a person with the typical Driving License B in Italy or Europe due to its weight exceeding 4 tons.

Other cars they come dangerously close at the threshold of three and a half tons and they are all SUVs including the Rolls Royce Cullinan – about three tons – the Mercedes-Benz G63 – almost three tons – and the 2016 Bentley Bentayga that with a weight of three tons and two hundred and fifty kilos wins the heavyweight title without too much difficulty.

Benteyaga Bentley Media 21_08_2022 Quattromania
The Bentley Bentayga is the symbol of a generation of SUVs that are really too heavy (Bentley Media)

On this point, he also intervened Christoph Fagschlungerthe mastermind behind the BMW 7 Series that states: “A modern car doesn’t necessarily have to weigh more. There are many modern technologies that make it possible to reduce weight “. A sentence that does not solve the legislative problem, however: what will happen when the next four-ton SUV comes out? Will it be possible to drive it with the B driving license? Highly unlikely.

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