Driving license points, if you have lost some “you can buy them”: there is a legal method, fast and very cheap

One of the problems that can happen, since you get your driving license, is the loss of points, due to infringements, sometimes even minor ones. In any case, if you have lost some points on your license, they can be reacquired. The procedure is completely legal, efficient and economical.

If there has been a lost from points on the license, there is no need to despair, in fact it can be recovered. Depending on time that you are willing to wait, you can also resort to a method altogether automatic.

Based on the latter, it is enough do not commit new infringements for a period of two yearsat the end of which it will come reinstated the score higher for the driving license, equal to 20. The good thing about the method is, obviously, the fact that it does not matter the amount of points, which you have at the start. Regardless of this, reinstatement will take place total. Of course, the other aspect is that we have to wait two years, and this time factor is what could, on certain occasions, discourage motorists from using it.

If you want, rather, a faster recovery, you can rely on a procedure which, unlike the first, involves a cost for the applicant (the other occurs automatically and free of charge). The fact remains that it is a cost small, fully accessible and on the agenda, in the face of an easy and also quick procedure.

In order to pursue the recovery mentioned above, it is sufficient call on to one driving schooland follow some courses, with a certain amount of hours, so as to recover lost points.

The further difference between the two methods

Graphic support for courses at a driving school.

In any case, the driver medium he would be directed, at this point, to ask himself one request: why spend money, attending courses in addition, if the reinstatement of the points can take place, as illustrated, on an automatic basis? The matter is, in truth, easy to explain.

In addition to waiting, in fact, there is the possibility from lose more pointsand, if this happens, and it comes to zerothe withdraw definitive of the license, except to pick it up again. Better, then, especially in the case of losses of a certain entity, to rely on the courses of the driving school.

If you have the driving license A or Bthe course for total reintegration is 12 hours in 15 days. If, on the other hand, you are the owner of one of the other licensesthe course will last 18 hoursto be distributed in 30 days. The cost may vary, depending on the driving school and also in relation to the type of driving license, between 250 and 290 euros. However, keep in mind that the procedure is rather quick (there is no comparison with the other), and also easy (if, on the one hand, it requires compulsory attendance, on the other it is not expected any final test).

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