During the caesarean he realizes that the baby is premature: the woman, sewn up, is dying

The doctor who was performing a caesarean section sewed her up after realizing that a premature baby would be born from the birthnot even six months old, and suggested that she wait until the natural term of her pregnancy, scheduled for early December.

Now though the woman is dying and the doctor and the clinic ended up in the storm.

The incredible medical malpractice happened in India, at the civil hospital of Karimganj, in the state of Assam.

After the attempted caesarean, the woman remained in the hospital for a few days, but once she returned home showed symptoms of dangerous septicemia and was hospitalized again, in conditions now considered very serious.

The story sparked great protests, to the point that hundreds of people gathered outside the hospital while the doctor, Dr. AK Biswas, was forced to barricade himself in his clinic to escape popular anger.

The woman’s husband said that his wife had been hospitalized in severe pain and that after a few days of suffering it was the doctors who decided for a caesarean section.

The doctor told reporters that he was forced into emergency intervention by family members of the woman. “But when I saw such a premature fetus, I couldn’t go on”, he justified himself.

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