Edoardo Donnamaria and Daniele Dal Moro: the last couple enters the House – Big Brother VIP

I am cute, nice, intelligent”This is the presentation of the next #GFVIP competitor.

Edward is 29 years old, of “North Rome, I care” points out. His career is divided between television and radio, which is his great passion “I learned a lot on the radio“.

A particular woman in my heart: my grandmother. The short grandmother, that’s what we call her”Edoardo remembers his affections and friendship with Paolo Ciavarro.

Edoardo’s entry is not solitary, he will cross the threshold of the Red Door together with another competitor.

Originally from Verona, former competitor of Big Brother and ex-boyfriend of Martina Nasoni, known in the House.

I know it may not seem like it, but I am a very sensitive person”Looks like this Daniele.

Entrepreneur, enterprising and self-confident, but there is much more. The new VIP will talk about his experiences and his past “I’ve had a wild life“.

Big Brother I tell you I’m single, please give me a hand”Announces Daniele. Will the House be the Cupid this time too? Who could she have a flirt with?

The two new tenants arrive together at the entrance of the house and will always start this new adventure together. At their entrance they find the empty House and the first Freez awaits them. The three (dis) graces welcome the two new tenants.


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