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Sicily: center-right candidate arrested for exchange vote

Another Sicilian regional candidate arrested on the eve of the September 25th vote. This is Salvatore Ferrigno, 62, on the list of the Autonomists of the former governor Raffaele Lombardo, of the center-right coalition. Just yesterday the arrest of a candidate of the Brothers of Italy in Catania for corruption. In Ferrigno, arrested by the Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit, coordinated by the DDA, the crimes of voting for political-mafia electoral exchange contested. The boss Giuseppe Lo Duca and the alleged ‘mediator’ between the candidate and the mafia boss, Piera Lo Iacono, are also in handcuffs.

Salvatore Ferrigno – originally from Carini, but for a long time in the United States, especially in Philadelphia where he was the insurance broker, member of Forza Italia in 2006 for the North and Central America constituency – on the basis of what emerged from the wiretapping, he would have paid various sums of money in exchange for Lo Duca’s commitment of votes to be collected in the area of ​​the province. Favors and money, therefore, according to those who investigate, to obtain the election to the Sicilian Regional Assembly. A script that repeats itself: even on the occasion of the municipal elections of Palermo last spring, close to the vote, two center-right candidates had been arrested for their relations with the bosses to get a seat in the City Council.

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