Elections in Sweden, the first projections confirm the left in the lead. Close detachment with the right: “The surprise can still come”

According to the first projections of the elections in Sweden, with the 1,550 districts already scrutinized, the center left confirms its advantage. This was made known by Svt, the country’s public service broadcaster. There is expectation for the final results for now 177 armchairs in Parliament would belong to the center-left bloc which would translate into a second term for the current prime minister Magdalena Anderssonagainst the 172 of the right in support of Ulf Kristerssonleader of the Moderates and candidate for prime minister. Madgalena Andersson, with 30.1% preferences. Exploit of the nationalist far right: i Swedish Democrats led by Jimmie Akesson they are placed in second place with the 20.8% of the votes. Terzi, al 17.7%, the Moderates of Ulf Kristersson, a leading right-wing candidate for the post of prime minister. The center-left coalition currently stands just beyond 50% thanks to the contribution of the votes of the Left (7.7%), of the Center Party (6.8%) and the Greens (5.3%). For the right, stop at 48%, the Christian Democrats are 5.3% and the Liberals 4.4%. In Sweden there are 6578 districts and detachment between the two blocks would be quite close together. The results could still change dramatically.

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