“Elena Morali has caught monkeypox”, the showgirl sheds light on the illness contracted on vacation

Elena Morali: “I thought it was monkeypox”. Here are the strange bubbles that the showgirl found on her body.

Elena Morali made her debut in the entertainment world as a “pupa” in the program La Pupa e il Secchione. Subsequently she became not only a commentator often present in Barbara D’Urso’s living room but she took part in numerous programs. Among these we cannot fail to mention her participation in the Island of the Famous. These days it is Elena herself who remembers her experience in Honduras due to terrible bubbles that suddenly appeared all over her body. Elena has in fact said that she remembers well the bubbles of the famous mosquitos that had tormented her on the island. The bubbles that began to appear, especially on the legs, were not like those caused by the Honduran insect and Elena and her husband Luigi Mario Favoloso thought it was monkeypox.

Elena Morali shows the bubbles that are tormenting her. Here’s how the showgirl is

Together with Luigi Mario Fabulous who marries in a different part of the world every year, he was enjoying his trip to Thailand. The two took an excursion into nature and returned to the hotel Elena not only began to feel particularly tired but she noticed some bubbles that began to become more and more numerous all over her body. So the couple immediately thought it was the famous monkeypox. Elena had said she was very worried especially because she was very far from home.

After several tests, Elena tested negative for both smallpox and Covid. The doctors informed the girl that she most likely came into contact with a plant, the ailanthus, during her excursion, in which there is a toxic substance that caused this terrible reaction to the showgirl. Elena shows up for the first time.

Elena told her followers that these bubbles do not contain pus inside them but something similar to water. The itch, she says, is really unbearable. As she writes in the story in which she shows everyone the bubbles, once they “explode” they seem to shrink. In any case, Elena promptly started a drug treatment not only by applying an ointment but also by taking antihistamines that could help one of her to feel less itchy. At this moment she is already on a plane ready to return to Italy from these holidays which have turned into a nightmare in recent days.

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