Elettra Lamborghini | “I cried all the time!”: Confession, chilling day

The explosive Elettra Lamborghini experienced a very touching moment, and unprecedented for the fans: here is his story.

Elettra Lamborghini (source youtube)

The bubbly singer Elettra Lamborghini represents an anomalous and much loved figure in show business. She is appreciated for her spontaneity and for the absence of superstructuresthe performer performs with warmth in front of the fans, without sparing them jokes, hilarious interludes and, why not, peremptory calls to order.

Despite the stellar heritage of his family, linked to the prestigious automotive brand, Elettra presents itself to the world as one adrenaline and very atypical figure, unlike other perpetually glossy colleagues. Her fights during the trashy “Acapulco Shore” show will remain etched in the annals of the format, and the heiress isn’t afraid to explore new dimensions. She happened with her experience at “Miss Italia”, and in the role of coach at “The Voice of Italy”. Opinionist during the 2021 edition of “L’Isola dei Famosi”, Elettra then returned to her original love, music. Her single “Caramel”Is already a smash on the radio, and the singer, as always, rides the raggaeton wave to charge the Italian summer with energy. Irreverent and prone to laughter, Elettra confessed to “The Sun” of one strong emotion lived only a few years ago.

Elettra and the marriage with Afrojack: the emotion overwhelmed her

the Dutch DJ Afrojack
Dutch DJ Afrojack (source youtube)

Despite the declared bisexuality, Elettra Lamborghini has chosen to combine her destiny with that of the Dutch DJ Afrojackgetting married with him on September 26, 2020. The sumptuous and exciting ceremony took place at Villa Balbiano, on the shores of Lake Como, and Elettra entrusted its memories of the big day.

It was a really nice day. I was very excited the previous days, that’s why I was crying pretty much the whole time. “. The wait itself represented a thrilling parenthesis for her: “It was absolutely magical, a special day full of love and positive vibes. And when I saw Nick waiting for me, my heart melted… ”. The heiress had met Nick Van De Wall, aka Afrojack, in 2018, and the relationship immediately took off: “He definitely changed my life. I always say I could only get married to him. I don’t know why, but we bonded immediately. Nick is one of a kind of him, a faithful man that enters your life and makes it a dream… “.

It wasn’t the DJ’s fame that attracted her like a moth, but its simplicity: “I didn’t marry Afrojack, I haven’t married a superstar DJ. I married Nick, a guy who happens to be a DJ. And I love him for his heart and his kindness. The marriage it wasn’t a big change, it was the confirmation of our love. ”. Finally, Elettra lingered on plans for the future:Nick and I are already a family. We love and respect each other and that’s what really matters to me. Having children is our dream, but there is no rush because we are responsible people and obviously we want to be very present parents ”.

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