Elisa Esposito and Davide Gentile left? Let’s be clear

It all started with a story about Instagram by Elisa who, shortly after lunchtime on August 19th, published a black background with a red heart with a blindfold. To make it all the more mysterious, it was there song selected by Esposito. The girl, in fact, chose the Luchè song “My Memory”taking as reference the most melancholy part of the text: “They always told me: ‘Love a little less’. I wondered if you know who I really am “. To reinforce the thesis of an estrangement there is also Davide’s TikTok. In the video in question, he has inserted a series of photos that retrace their entire love story, complete with sunsets, songs to dedicate and romantic dinners. To introduce his mood to him, he wrote: “Even though it’s over, I know you’ll think of me when …”complete with broken heart (the same emoji posted it on Instagram).

All of these clues they were enough to confuse the couple’s fans. So much so that under the TikTok posted by Davide there was no shortage comments how: “No, don’t tell me they broke up. We are all losing ragas “, “Make peace come on” it’s still “Why am I falling in tears for this video?”. The amazement arises from the fact that up to yesterday the two have published more than one video together. Among these, one in particular attracted the attention of the community. The couple jokingly announced they were expecting a baby. Finally, it was to feed the doubts unfollow reciprocated by both. For now, Elisa Esposito and Davide Gentile have limited themselves to these digs via social media. We just have to wait!


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