Elisa Isoardi, her beloved grandmother Lucrezia has died: the tender memory


The presenter says goodbye to the relative, elderly, to whom she was very fond: here is her most recent post published on social networks

A serious bereavement has struck in the past few hours Elisa Isoardi: the elderly grandmother has passed away Lucretiawhich the presenter called very affectionately by the nickname Memè. To confirm this bad news was the same Isoardi, publishing a few hours ago a shot in the company of the elderly woman.

Hello Memè my granny “ Elisa Isoardi simply wrote as a caption to the couple of shots shared on Instagram. In the first, the most touching, it is possible to see the hands of the presenter intertwined with those of the elderly woman, tired and tried by her age. The second photo instead, apparently, is a photo taken several years ago, where a young Elisa Isoardi hugs her beloved granny from behind her, smiling serene.


There are already many messages of affection and condolence arrived on Instagram to the presenter. Among the characters who felt obliged to offer condolences there are also Angela Melillo And Rosanna Marzialewho have written under the photo of the comments to show their friend all their closeness.

Grandmother Lucrezia and Elisa Isoardi’s affection

The presenter’s followers had already heard of her elderly relative in the past. In fact, it was not the first time that Elisa Isoardi referred to her beloved Memè about her, talking about the fact that she somehow felt guilty for not having succeeded, in recent years, to be close to her as he wished. In a recent post, Isoardi wrote:

“Memè, I’ve been calling her this since I was little, my grandmother Lucrezia. Every time I see her I realize how sorry I am not being able to dedicate more time to her, it is fortunate to be able to talk to her again and see in her eyes the same light and the same strength that I see in myself. Grandparents leave an imprint on our soul for life. Thanks to all the people who take care of our elderly people ”.

Elisa Isoardi: what are your current television commitments

In recent times, in reality, Elisa Isoardi has unfortunately not been as busy on television as she would have liked. For some time, in fact, the presenter has somehow struggled to find a place all of her on the small screen, after the long and successful season of The cook’s test.

Today, with experience as a competitor toIsland of the Famous behind, things are fortunately differently. Elisa Isoardi is finally back on TV with the show I would like to tell you that, scheduled for last Sunday, 11 September. The debut of the program, however, achieved a not very satisfactory share, registering a paltry 2.3% after all.

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