Elisabetta Gregoraci, the disease after the GF Vip: dramatic discovery

Elisabetta Gregoraci was one of the undisputed protagonists of the latest editions of Big Brother Vip. She left the house due to the lack of Nathan Falco, her son she had with Flavio Briatore. Far from the spotlight, however, she made the bitter discovery of her: a disease. But what exactly did she have? Let’s find out all the details together.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the disease after GF VIP

Elisabetta Gregoraci in the house of Big Brother Vip, the program conducted by Alfonso Signorini, has made a lot of talk about itself: first for the relationship with her ex-husband Flavio Briatore, then for the flirtation with Pierpaolo Pretelli, current boyfriend of Giulia Salemi.

The two dated, but between pampering and hidden promises, the flirtation ended up being a real hole in the water. Many had become passionate about the couple, others instead insinuated that she used it to make people talk about herself inside the house. Elisabetta, for her part, has always and only defined their relationship as “A special friendship”.

The relationship with Pierpaolo has led her to be one of the undisputed protagonists of the last season of the GF Vip: many have criticized her, and just as many have loved her, starting to follow her even more, becoming passionate about her life outside the home . There is no doubt about one thing: Elisabetta Gregoraci played an important role and she definitely exposed herself to the public.

elisabetta gregoraci

The beautiful showgirl, however, has left her path halfway in the most spied house in Italy. In fact, it came out before the Christmas holidays. The reason? She missed her son too much Nathan Falcowith whom he has a splendid relationship.

Elisabetta wanted to spend Christmas with him, as she always did with her mother, who passed away for a tumor. A tradition that cannot be broken and for which Elisabetta gave up the program, despite the fact that many of her gave it as a probable winner.

So, without remorse, has abandoned Big Brother. Once she got back to normal though, she had to contend with a bitter discovery. Let’s talk about one disease which has destabilized the fans, worry about his health. But what exactly is it about?

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Outside the house, Elizabeth underwent a gynecological examination routine. The doctor, however, found something. It was a polyp inside the uteruswhich made Elizabeth and her fans worry, especially in light of the tumor that hit her mother.

The showgirl underwent surgery to remove the octopus. All is well that ends well: the surgery had a good result, the octopus has been removed and now the showgirl can rest assured.

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