Elizabeth II: she received it shortly before she died

We are greeted by Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-lived of the sovereigns, The Queen. The whole world is paying homage to her, but a great gesture has also been made by the most beloved in the world.

Elizabeth II: she also paid tribute to her (Instagram photo)

On the occasion of the 96th birthday of the Queen Elizabeth, who died on 8 September 2022, everyone wanted to pay homage to the sovereign of records. We will always remember her with her long reign and her little obsessions. Who can’t lend her a small gesture? The Queen never expected it.

Queen Elizabeth II honored before her death

An iconic brand in the world pays homage to His Majesty. Something that only great personalities and famous people can have. A model loved by all women in the world. The Barbie brand decided to make a model that depicts the Queen. A Barbie made in her image and likeness. An incredible honor. The latter is found in a singular box ie has the style of Buckingham Palace, with a 3D-decorated die-cut edge. At the intent there is a panel that takes up the throne room with the latter and the red carpet.

The Barbie of Queen Elizabeth II: a great tribute

Girls all over the world will be able to play with a Barbie that has the appearance of Queen Elizabeth, nothing short of it. These dolls featuring historical female figures represent a turning point in the industry. Specifically, The Queen’s Barbie is represented with an elegant ivory dress and a blue hat with the ordinance decorations. The crown is a fringed tiara that mimics what the Queen wore on her wedding day. On the ribbon there are also medals and a silver pin representing the star pin of the Garter. A symbol that not everyone knows or the insignia of the highest order of chivalry in the United Kingdom. Nothing is left to chance in the doll’s inspiration featuring one of the most influential women in the world.

Queen Elizabeth II Barbie
The most loved in the world (Instagram photo)

Nothing is left to chance in the representation of the most famous Barbie in the world. Even the box has a gogo on the outside that represents the crest and therefore goes to honor the Queen herself once again. Small details that symbolize the Jubilee or the 70th anniversary of The Queen’s throne. Where to find this tribute, which will acquire even greater value from today? It is possible to buy the Barbie from Harrods in London, on Amazon of course and in Hamley’s, Selfridges and John Lewis stores.

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