Energy crisis, towards the mandatory cut in consumption up to 4 hours a day: the draft of the EU plan

Between proposals that the European Commission will present in the field of contrast to expensive energy, there should also be the discussed mandatory cut in electricity consumption. This limitation would be envisaged only during the hours in which the demand for electricity reaches its peaks. Specifically, the hypothesis – included in a draft viewed byHandle and by several international newspapers -, it would involve one reduction of consumption in a daily time slot of 3 or 4 hours. On the choice of timetables, the Commission would like to leave a certain margin to the Member States discretion. This is not the only proposal leaked from the draft that will be presented during the days of the plenary at the European Parliament. In fact, a cap on the revenues of energy producers that use renewables, nuclear and lignite. The limit will apply to revenues per megawatt hour of electricity produced. The excess share of revenues will be used to offset the economic suffering of citizens and businesses “exposed to high electricity prices”. Here too, it will be up to the member countries to decide with which measures to redistribute the resources deriving from extra profits. Finally, the EU states will also have to introduce a temporary solidarity contribution for the fossil industry“On the basis of the taxable profit realized in the fiscal year 2022. The Commission’s proposals will pass directly to the States – as required by article 122 -, which will be able to amend them and, if necessary, approve them by qualified majority.

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