Energy, the State has optioned a quarter of the needs of the national industry: no one uses it because there are no implementing decrees

Overwhelmed by tragic forecasts of rationing and advice on washing machines, Italians discover that there is an energy-intensive industry that never stops working: bureaucracy. It is to this, for example, that we owe the unimplemented decrees on renewables that lead to the height of paradoxes: the non-use of 17 terawatt-hours of energyequal to a quarter of the national industrial needs, produced by the renewables that the State has optioned but which it does not use precisely due to the lack of a second level decree that would belong to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the one that, despite the name, holds the record of the laws inactivated.

News that makes the skin crawl to the many entrepreneurs brought to their knees by the energy bill that in these days are even delivered requests for advances And sureties on future ones. This “treasure” was optioned by the GSE, the energy services manager controlled by the Mef, precisely to cope with the uncontrolled increase in prices and the shortage of gas, waiting for Europe to find the square to the famous “roof” against the ongoing speculations. The operation was taken in Marchat the first signs ofescalation, precisely to create a “reserve” to draw on in the event of a crisis. On the other hand, at the price of 124 megawatts much cheaper than the 500 today. The government already imagined in April that it would be able to draw on it to give breath to industries that already had doubts as to whether it would be convenient continue to produce or go to a narrow gauge since the tripled energy bill was eating away the profits. But he didn’t. She had written it in black and white in the “Aid Decree“(Article 16 bis), giving a mandate to the manager to rake”the electricity produced by plants on the national territory by stipulating long-term contracts“. Well, those 17 terawatts now exist but there is no decree governing attribution criteria (“modalities the modalities with which the GSE can sell the energy in the its availability”) Between the various industries / sectors that are considered strategic; a question so unclear that in recent days Confindustria itself has activated a kind of mega-survey among the members to find out from them which sectors and plants that cannot be renounced. But on the other hand, the “treasure” could be used for the residential market, to give relief to families to understand, with the GSE taking this “surplus” at the current price to finance gas purchases, effectively offsetting the 4 billion euros already spent and disbursed by the Treasury. the news, anticipated last week a from Giovanni D’Anna of Confindustria Ceramics (“The ministerial decree with the sales prices of the gas produced in Italy is missing, which will be purchased by the GSE and sold to gasivores”) was today taken up by Courier. According to the via Solferino newspaper, however, it would be an “unchanged finance” operation, but which would give respite to the State already under pressure due to the expensive bills, between zero system charges and tax credits to companies that are increasingly heavy to bear.

Same goes for the gas. The national manager had been instructed to also knock on the doors of holders of concessions by extraction in Italy to test the willingness to sell it to “energy eaters” at sustainable prices, buying it at 25 cents per cube instead of the current 3.5 euros market. Always in exchange for long-term contracts. There were at stake 2.2 billion of cubic meters, but the GSE notices have only been issued between July and August and there will be no results before September, when they were scheduled for May. Then six months for the authorization process … In short, the long time frames of the bureaucracy send an emergency measure to the stands, in the stands where the next government will sit. Pending that someone wakes up, the implementing decrees remain there. Businesses close, families tremble.

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