England in the earthquake: Prince Harry discovered everything | “That’s how my mother died” – the Democrat

In the last few hours, Prince Harry has become the protagonist of a rumor that is circulating. An unexpected revelation inherent in the death of her mother, Lady Diana. A news that has certainly generated a huge stir. Here’s what happened

The Prince Harry is the second son of the Prince of Wales, Charles and of the deceased Lady Diana. The nephew of Queen Elizabeth II and his late consort Philip, has always been very rebellious differently from how the brother William.

He was never the guy who could represent the real prototype par excellenceexactly as it was the Princess of Wales. To give demonstrations of this character side was the whole situation for which Prince Harry showed himself a lot distant from the Royal Family.

The decision made by Harry

As everyone knows, in January 2020, the Prince Harry together with his wife Meghan Markle they decided to abandon the royal family And to leave definitely England. The two are transferred to America and they found their own independence, giving up all rights granted by the fact that they are Royals themselves.

For some time, however, Prince Harry has announced to wanting to go back to England againprecisely in the month of September then moved to Germany where his will continue philanthropic mission.
Harry is very keen to do good to othershe is a very boy unselfish and this quality was passed on to him by his mother, Lady Diana which was constantly committed to helping people in need in Africa.

Will the truth come out?

Prince Harry has been writing a autobiographical bookin which there are many details about his life and some too background related to the Princess Diana.
It has always been said that the death of the woman was caused by a accident, but the thesis that the Princess Diana she had been murdered by the British secret services.

To date it has not yet been discover the truth. Prince Harry, however, has a great desire to know which is true it causes for which Lady Diana is dead.

For this reason, in the writing of his book, he has hired a team of researchers in order to find out more details on what happened that day a Paris. What it might leak out, in case the truth comes out, there will be one in the Royal family scandal ever seen.

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