Er Faina takes Bonolis and “destroys” him like this [VIDEO]

The transfer market specialist and influencer before Lazio-Inter meets the well-known conductor at the Olimpico

A skit of those that will go down in “history” and that could be the symbol of the most superstitious and passionate fans. Damano Er Faina is going to the Olympic stadium to watch the championship match between Lazio and Inter, a fundamental match for both teams.

Damiano Er Faina and Paolo Bonolis before Lazio Inter (photo

Before entering, just near the stadium, around the Tennis Bar, l‘influencer meets Paolo Bonolis, famous presenter and well-known Inter fan and pretends to ask for a prediction on the match, but in reality it is a real ritual. And it works because Damiano in the video remembers what ended last year Lazio-Inter, with the Biancocelesti who won 3-1 and, coincidentally, it is the same result that the team from Sarri achieved on Friday evening. In short, not only influencer And transfer market specialistfrom today Damiano Er Faina has also become a seer, considering that he has guessed the exact result of Lazio-Inter, which ended 3-1 like a year ago and as Damiano said. And all thanks also to Paolo Bonolis

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