Eugenie and Beatrice of York ask Prince Charles for a “royal role” for father Andrea

Filed, at least in the legal seathis involvement in the Epstein scandal, Andrew of York he would be trying in every way to return to being an active member of royal family British, if not with the same posts as before at least with some more responsibility than last year, when it practically disappeared from the public scene. To plead his case to Prince Charles, his daughters Beatrice and Eugenieassures the British press.

Carlo and Andrea have never been so far away as they are now © Getty Images.

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According to Daily Mail the two princesses would even have “Begged” the uncle to give his father a new chance, that is a job, but the heir to the throne would have been immovable on this point, keeping the line firmly with the other brothers, with his son William and with his mother. Only a few weeks ago, in fact, Elizabeth II herself said no to the third child, guilty of having thrown himself into an ambiguous situation (regardless of being guilty or innocent) and, above all, of having embarrassed the family. In short, at Buckingham Palace, dirty clothes are washed at home, certainly not in the courtrooms.

Charles, according to The Sun On Sundaywould communicate his decision to his nieces Beatrice and Eugenie in the course of a family summit at his Scottish residence in Birkhall, Aberdeenshire, noting that “There are no possibilities” for his brother to recover his roles within the family or to assume the title of Royal Highness again. A decision that the eldest son of The Queen then personally communicated to his brother as well.

It is not known what Andrea’s daily activities are, at the moment, apart from horseback riding, which has always been love, and visits to the mother, very assiduous. The prince has been particularly close to her in recent weeks and appears to have been the only one to visit her at the beginning of his summer holidays in Balmoral.

Andrea di York is very close to her mother, but not enough to return to her former life © Getty Images.

Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images


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