Extraordinary Foggia in Misano, title race reopened

Victory and gap mended with the top floors of the world rankings for the Italian driver

Dennis Foggia wins the San Marino GP, the fourteenth round of the Moto3 World Championship. The Italian driver wins the victory in front of the Spaniards Jaume Masia And Izan Guevara effectively reopening the title race. Sergio Garciain fact, he loses the leadership due to the disqualification suffered in the race, with Guevara taking advantage of it taking the lead with 11 points ahead and Foggia shortening to 35.

Misano is once again of Dennis Foggia. Able to place the triple, the Roman rider next to the move to Moto2 with the ItalTrans team wins the third consecutive success at Marco Simoncelli by reopening the race for the World title. A perfect race for “The Rocket”, a real lightning bolt on the track that above all enhances the driving style of the 21 year old. Fighting to the last with Masia And GuevaraFoggia leaves no way out for the Spanish troops despite repeated attacks on the Quercia by conquering the first step of the podium that was missing from Silverstone.

A success that also thanks to the simultaneous disqualification of Garcia, protagonist of “dangerous driving” after several long and a fall that had compromised his race, reopens the title race. Guevara, in fact, with his third place leaps to the head of the general followed by his box mate at 11 points, while Foggia shortens to 35 points.

Down from the podium the Turk Deniz Oncufollowed by the group formed by Holgado, Suzuki And Moreira who tried to stick with the fastest on the track. Also in the top 10 OrtolĂ , McPhee And Nepa. Riccardo is also winning points on this Sunday of the race Rossi, Munoz, Yamanaka, Kelso And Bartolini. Instead, they remain dry-mouthed Surra And Fernandezas well as Migno And Carraro who were forced to retire due to crashes at the start of the GP.

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