Fabio Fazio, this is the chocolate company he saved in Varazze- Corriere.it

Fabio Fazio has announced that he has saved a small company in Varazze that produces chocolate from closing. Tomorrow I will reveal everything but, in the meantime, some small clues. This story begins like all stories with “Once upon a time”. Once upon a time there was a small chocolate workshop very significant for all children born in Varazze or raised in Varazze like me – because my grandparents were there – who at every Easter and Christmas received a product from this small company., explained the conductor. This small company two years ago was about to close due to the difficulties of Covid, which involved many companies – he added – It seemed to me that something could and should be done. And together with a partner of mine we tried. Dealing with chocolate is perhaps the most beautiful and funnest thing there can be. Certainly a way to go back, to become children again.

Lavoratti from Varazze

The company in question is Lavoratti of Varazze, born in 1938 from an intuition of Aliberto Lavoratti, descendant of a family of carousels, who opened a small shop in the center of the Ligurian village. That of the production of chocolate and in particular of eggs is a tradition that has been handed down from father to son over the years. A tradition that was in danger of disappearing after the Covid pandemic. In fact, in 2020, due to the lockdown, over 300 thousand euros of goods remained in stock, seriously putting the company in crisis.

The post of the regional councilor

When entrepreneurial passion meets the genuineness of taste, success can only be assured. My heartfelt congratulations to the entrepreneur Davide Petrini and his partner Fabio Fazio, well-known face of the small screen, for having returned a productive and employment future to the historic Varazze di Lavoratti plant, leader in the production of chocolate, wrote in July on Facebook Andrea Benveduti, councilor for Development, Industry and Commerce of the Liguria Region, announcing the operation. A well-known brand in Liguria, and beyond, which, after more than eighty years of activity, had been brought to its knees by the pandemic crisis – he added -. Thanks to their intervention, he will be able to continue writing important chapters of his own history! Well done !.

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