False nude by Enrica Bonaccorti, the influencer Elena Morali will have to compensate her with 6 thousand euros – Corriere.it

The image had been attributed to the presenter but it was actually another woman

The former Pupa Elena Morali will have to compensate with six thousand euros Enrica Bonaccorti
. The reason for the dispute – as reported Republic – was a photo posted in the stories on Instagram by Morali it showed a fake nude by Bonaccorti. There quarrels between the two it had begun in the television living room of Barbara d’urso in June 2020: a heated squabble in which the two women criticized their respective artistic careers and the centimeters of skin eventually discovered.

A squabble as you see so many. Which, however, then degenerated and led to conviction in the civil court. The unwary ex Pupa has posted, in fact, among the temporary images of her profile, a nude photo attributing it to Bonaccorti. Too bad, that it was not the presenter but another woman. A mistake that will now have to pay.

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September 3, 2022 (change September 3, 2022 | 15:51)

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