“Falsehood has no limits!”

Soraia Ceruti intervened on social networks to say her opinion on what is happening in these hours within the Home of the Gf Vip 7.

Precisely, this very night, immediately after the episode, her boyfriend Luca Salatino had a crackling confrontation with Elenoire Ferruzzi. In fact, the latter confessed to the former tronista that he felt an attraction towards her but Luca he took advantage of this to declare his position and therefore an unpaid interest. Elenoire at that moment he didn’t take it well at all e Luca he then confronted his fellow adventurers, including also Sara Manfuso.

And it is precisely to the journalist who Soraia Ceruti he wanted to say some words. Through his profile Instagram this morning he wrote:

The great friend of Elenoire: Will be. She who was the first to encourage her in this and now she says she was joking? “And you will see the yellow flag waving lalalalala“.

The former suitor then also intervened through videos reiterating:

Hello everyone, sorry but I could not resist publishing what happened last night because the falsity of some people really has no limits. I’m talking about yes Sara Manfuso. Sorry but I really had to do this comment. I don’t have it with my great love Lucahe didn’t do anything wrong and it was blatantly evident that he was playing and joking with Elenoire. But the falsity of Will be that says a Luca who was joking, when in fact she was the first to encourage her, so I judge a bit the fact that she was not a sincere friend towards Elenoire. He could spare himself certain speeches that were going to deceive precisely Elenoire. That’s all guys.

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