Farewell Raffaella Fico, the painful situation involving Piero Neri

Raffaella Fico is single again. The news of the breakup of her love story comes from the same Neapolitan model, showgirl and actress.

The umpteenth sentimental parenthesis in this hot August. However, other details are not lacking Mario Balotellinew, promising acquaintances and friendships maintained.

In this summer characterized by uncommon heat and various sentimental vicissitudes, such as the one now famous among Totti and Ilary Blasi, another is added unexpected breakup. There end of the relationship between Raffaella Fico and Piero Neriforty-five years old heir and belonging to an important family of Leghorn merchant entrepreneurs.

It is Raffaella Fico herself who gives the news with these words: “To tell the truth I left it, I am no longer engaged“, In response to comments from his followers, then adding.” Bad sentimental pageit turned out for me a big disappointment“.

Raffaella Fico

The two had intertwined a relationship since summer 2021 and, according to rumors, Neri himself has already met and known little Piadaughter of Fico and the footballer Balotelli.

Beyond the aforementioned disappointment, the former competitor of Big Brother Vip has not added other reasons regarding the end of his relationship.

Raffaella Fico: the relationship with Balotelli and new friendships

For Raffaella Fico the end of the story with Piero Neri is not a terminus but the beginning of a new path. Witness the statements and comments of the showgirl, exposed and posted on social networks.

The model has indeed declared of having maintained friendship and contacts with some competitors of Big Brother Vipamong which Francesca Cipriani And Ainett Stephens. He reserved and dedicated a very positive comment to Jessica SelassiĆ©stating: “I like her very much, she is a simple and spontaneous girl“.

Raffaella herself then added that she was ready for a new and eventual one participation in the television program, among the most followed as a show for the trash and the bonds chatted within it. A television availability, perhaps, to make people talk about themselves again.

Raffaella Fico Mario Balotelli

There was no lack of questions about Mario Balotelli, former historian and father of their little daughter. The two broke up in April 2012, after a short but intense relationship from June 2011. The daughter Pia, born on December 5, 2012 in Naples, was officially recognized by Super Mario only on February 5, 2014, following a battle in shots of posts, comments, statements and a legal dispute.

Despite the turbulent past years, Raffaella Fico revealed that she still communicates with the player, adding: “We are on excellent terms“.

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