Farewell to Gino Cogliandro

Mourning in the entertainment world for the death of Gino Cogliandro, 72 years old. His long career was mainly linked to the Trettrè, a group founded with Mirko Setaro and Edoardo Romano.

The news of his passing came from the radio host Gianni Simioli who wrote on social media: “Goodbye to GINO COGLIANDRO of TRETTRE. I repeat: to me, it seems to me ‘na strunzata, but, unfortunately, it is not. And I listen at very high volume: “Beach on the beach”.

Cogliandro’s career

Many television programs he took part in during his career: Drive In (1983-1988); I-taliani (1988-1989); A Fantastic Tragic Friday (1989-1990); What a pleasure to have you here (1989-1990); The holiday news (1991); Raimondo and the others (1992); Happy Sunday (1992-1994, 2007-2008); Retromarsh !!! (1996); Forum (1999-2003)

The beloved actor has also participated in several films: Joan Lui, directed by Adriano Celentano (1985); Italian Fast Food, directed by Lodovico Gasparini (1986); Fantozzi 2000 – Cloning, directed by Domenico Saverni (1999); Peppery wedding – Getting married in the south is a whole other story …, directed by Angelo Antonucci (2012); Made in China from Naples, directed by Simone Schettino (2017); A son at all costs, directed by Fabio Gravina (2018).

In recent times he was working on several local broadcasters and in some Neapolitan sitcoms. Many works have also been done in the theater for a character who has always managed to be appreciated by the public who, like the others, are crying for him at this time.


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