Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, from the altar to the red carpet in Venice: “Crazy”

Beautiful, elegant and … married. A few days have passed since the fairytale wedding of Federica Pellegrini And Matteo Giunta and, now, the two newlyweds are again in the spotlight. Again in Venice, the city where they got married. In total black, in a perfect match, the swimming champion and her former coach have her paraded on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival Venice.

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Long dress with vertiginous split and bare shoulders for her, tuxedo without a tie for him: a perfect couple who, between a kiss and a shot, captured the attention of photographers and onlookers. “Crazy»,« Bellissimi »reads in the comments on social networks referring to the newlyweds.

A week after the wedding, reported by the gossip columns of all the newspapers, the two returned to Venice, Federica’s birthplace, to participate in the great film event. «Venice… .a week later and the hat given by a gondolier… ..» yesterday she wrote the “Divina” on her Instagram profile showing her back and wearing a straw hat. And just to celebrate the 7 days from the promise to the altar, their wedding planner, the famous Enzo Miccio, paid homage to both of them with an Instagram story in which he shows all three smiling and happy. The same photo was taken by Matteo Giunta who commented with: “Our first seven-year anniversary”.

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