Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta reveal why they decided to get married

August 27 Federica Pellegrini And Matteo Giunta they are married in front of friends and family.

Interviewed by the weekly Who magazinethe Olympic swimmer and her coach shared the emotions experienced that day. Federica walked the aisle to the notes of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, sung by a special person. There Pilgrims revealed:

Virginia Castagnettiwho is the daughter of Alberto, my former coach (who passed away in 2009, ed) and is an opera singer. With her I studied all the music and to surprise us we decided not to put them in the libretto. Virginia then it is spectacular and while he sang … for me it was like having Castagnetti there with me. On the one hand there was my dad, on the other I heard Alberto.

Matteo he confided why they decided to get married and talked about possible changes he said:

In a practical sense, it is us, it has always been us, we just wanted to stop the moment, put a mark on this beautiful love story. And we wanted to make our friends participate. Today is like yesterday, we wake up, look into each other’s eyes and exchange a smile.

On the purpose of expanding the family, the coach said:

At the level of quadrupeds we have made a good point, I think four are enough. At the bipedal level we rely on nature and providence, it is our dream that there are little babies around the house. But we spent a long time with the stopwatch in hand.

Federica then returned to the decision to leave swimming:

I was lucky enough to finish my career when I had nothing left to give to sport, and then this Covid, these breaks, this run-up to the Tokyo Olympics… It was a tiring journey. And that effort if I close my eyes I see it. Now I wouldn’t be as hungry and, luckily, I have other plans.

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