Federico Fashion Style rejoices after abdominoplasty: “ I have a flat stomach and abs ”

  • The TV hairstylist left the clinic after the delicate surgery
  • He is very happy, for the first time he sees himself in the mirror and likes himself a lot

Federico Fashion Style, born Federico Lauri, is in seventh heaven. After the intervention of abdominoplasty he left the clinic where he was operated on. He spent a night hospitalized, just to be safe. But now the 32-year-old is back home. He reassured his followers about his health conditions but above all he rejoiced because he got the result he hoped: his belly now it is flatyou can also see the abdominal muscles carved.

Federico Fashion Style, 32, in front of the mirror after abdominoplasty

Posting a video in which he appears shortly before his resignation, he explained on Instagram: “Thanks for all the messages you sent me, for your support. I’m fine, I’m leaving the clinic, everything went great. I have a flat stomach and abs, it doesn’t seem real to me. I saw myself this morning, you have no idea.

The hairstylist originally from Anzio couldn’t be happier: now he has a flat stomach and his abs can be seen

“I can’t move well yet because my torso has the sponge inside. But now I’m going home “Lauri added. “I’m still a little sore, but after seeing the result the ache I hardly feel it … “he therefore concluded.

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