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Charles Leclerc spoke to the press on Thursday of the Dutch GP, where he aims to get up after Belgium. Here are the first words of him.

The weekend of the Dutch Grand Prix risks becoming a crucial point for Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and the whole world of F1. What happened in Spa-Francorchamps was disturbing to say the least, since the Red Bull from Max Verstappen he was traveling, on average, about a second faster per lap than his very first rivals, while those who are not included in the top teams suffered much greater gaps.

Leclerc (ANSA)

If what happened in Belgium were to recur also in Holland, on a track that shouldn’t enhance the qualities of the RB18, it would really sound a big alarm bell also in view of the next championship. Assuming that this year’s world championship is already over, it is clear that an answer is needed, especially from Ferrari And Mercedes.

Lo last year, in these parts Verstappen was impregnable for the two cars of the Brackley team, while Ferrari even found itself behind theAlphaTauri from Pierre Gaslywhich he finished with a splendid fourth place right in front of Leclerc. Obviously, given the performance growth of the Cavallinoit is legitimate to hope for a very different result, given that the Monegasque was dubbed 12 months ago.

A redemption is expected from the Modena Scuderia, which will bring back a victory that has been missing for almost two months. Verstappen comes from three consecutive hitswhich allowed him to close the accounts well in advance, after the two victories of the Ferrari in Great Britain and Austria who had deluded and not just the fans.

The Cavallino showed a clear superiority at the Red Bull Ring, only to melt like snow in the sun from France onwards, due to Charles’ mistake at Paul Ricard, the strategic mistakes in Budapest and the clear setback on the performance front last week at Spa-Francorchamps. The scenario is not the best, but it is clear that a victory would give a good boost to the environment in view of Monza.

Leclerc, here are his first words of the weekend

Ferrari knows that in the Netherlands there will be a good opportunity to return to being competitive, with Charles Leclerc who, however, cannot start. from the role of favorite after what we have seen in Belgium. As mentioned, after Zandvoort there will be Monza, and given how things went last week, we need to be worried in view of the home race.

The Italian GP is in fact held on a very fast track, where the Red Bull it could scramble the competition. Before thinking about that stage, however, we need to do well in Holland, right at home Max Verstappenand we are sure that the Ferrari he will try to make his mark on enemy land.

Here are Leclerc’s first words to the press in the Zandvoort paddock to the microphones of “SKY Sport F1“:”We got an idea of ​​what happened in Belgium a few days ago, but here in the Netherlands everything will change. Both in view of 2023 and for what will be the finale of this season, it is essential to get back close to Red Bull, we want to win both here at Max’s home and in Monza next week. We have to finish this championship well, but the only way to do it is to think calmly, race by race“.

Charles appeared very smiling at the time of the interviews, and is optimistic despite the bad impression made by Ferrari in Belgium. Repeating such a performance is not acceptable, and the characteristics of the track could help him and Carlos Sainz to get back in the fight with the Red Bull. As it should be, the big favorite is Verstappen, which will surely have more motivation to continue to dominate the scene. What is certain is that the show, on such a track, will not be missing at all.

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