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In Belgium the Ferrari for the first time in this 2022 it was unable to contend for the victory in the race at Red Bull. At Spa the F1-75s were not competitive, Carlos Sainz won the pole position only due to the penalties spent by Max Verstappen, able to outpace his former boxmate at the time of the Toro Rosso by six tenths on the flying lap. In the race, then, there was no match, with the reigning champion who quickly recovered to the head of the race and Sergio Perez who in turn easily got the better of Carlos Sainz, able to trim George’s return in the final. Russell thus bringing Ferrari to the podium at least.

Several factors contributed to the first Sunday without history for the Scuderia di Maranello. The Spa track is perfect for enhancing the characteristics of the Red Bull RB18 and the fact of having to raise the car a few more millimeters than usual due to the bumps of the Belgian track has shifted the ideal exercise window in the combination of aerodynamic load, set-up and tire performance, which despite a high aerodynamic load have had significant problems of degradation (“my soft tires lasted three laps”, the words of Carlos Sainz to Max Verstappen in the podium room at the end of the race).

At Zandvoort in the Netherlands, Ferrari will seek redemption by exploiting the home factor. The Dutch circuit, in fact, should allow the F1-75 to enhance its qualities as a high downforce car by also facilitating Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to immediately bring the tires up to temperature, an aspect in which Red Bull is the reference point. of the starting grid. “Tire degradation is not a big problem precisely because it is necessary to have a high downforce on this track. This would allow Ferrari technicians to find the ideal set-up for speed up the heating of the tires. In essence, this track, which on paper does not highlight any particular critical issues for the red and does not enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the Red Bull (accredited to Spa with an additional 260 kg of load), would seem to be the ideal theater for recovery “writes Paolo Filisetti in today’s edition of The Gazzetta dello Sport.

According to RoseaFurthermore, Ferrari will be able to count on in Zandvoort slight updates which should concentrate in the area of ​​the diffuser and in the rear portion of the bottom “.

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