Ferrari exploits a technicality: Leclerc will start in front of Verstappen – Formula 1

On the understanding and exploitation of the brainy regulation regarding the penalties on the starting grid in case of introduction of extra components of the power unit Ferrari is undoubtedly number one. In Canada Charles Leclerc introduced two completely new engines between Friday and Saturday, making double use of a single start from the back of the starting grid. In Belgium, a weekend in which many drivers incur penalties on the grid due to the introduction of fresh power units to revive the engine fleet in view of the season finale, the Maranello team again wisely dosed the penalty positions on the grid. departure between one free practice session and another. According to what the newspaper pointed out The-Race.comin fact, the official FIA documents attesting the penalties taken by Leclerc never exceed 15 overall positions to be served on the grid. Unlike Max Verstappen, Esteban Ocon and Lando Norris, whose documents read “They will start from the bottom of the starting grid” (because the new elements involve more than 15 penalty positions), this wording never appears in the documents relating to Leclerc. The Monegasque, therefore, today in Qualifying it will automatically be placed in front of Verstappen, Norris and Ocon regardless of the outcome of the Qualifications. The reigning champion at the current state of the penalties will play the penultimate row with the McLaren and Alpine driver, while Leclerc will have Bottas and Schumacher as direct opponents, a scenario that should easily place him in 15th position on the starting grid of the Grand Prix. on Sunday. A small advantage, not decisive on a track like Spa, but in an F1 where the thousandths count, even these weighted moves, taking advantage of every twist of the regulation, can help.


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