Fiat Panda 2023, finally comes out in the open: here it is in all its glory

One of the most popular car models, especially in the subcompact category, in our country, is about to approach its debut. This will happen in 2023, and the presentation date has not yet been announced. But, to date, several details have been known about the outgoing model.

Having leaked some preview images, the same leave no doubts about the design of the new Panda. An ergonomic design, the panda is always suited to the needs of those who want practicality, convenience in finding parking, reduced consumption, and anything else that can favor and simplify daily life in an urban center.

A preview computerized image of the new Fiat Panda 2023.

There is a lot expectation and curiosity by the interested parties, but also by the whole public passionate about four wheels. On the plane of the designthe company’s decision was to operate a turning point. What we should expect, even judging from the images we have received, is a completely different design, an innovation compared to the Panda tradition.

Defined by many as a sort of “low cost Tesla”it materializes the aspirations from Fiat on sustainability, and on the philosophy of electric cars with rapid diffusion and easily accessible to all families.

This new templateis also defined “global”, as it will be presented in all countries of the world. With a peculiarity: once it has been established, among others, the entry into the markets of Latin America, it was stated that, probably, it will be introduced with a variant in the name. In fact, for the event in question, with that geographical location, it should be called Fiat Argo.

Curiosities about the new Fiat Panda

The first photo transmitted for the Fiat Panda 2023.

Already from what has been stated so far, it can be deduced, on the basis of the purposes declared by Fiat, that the new utility car will not be a hybrid version, but will be 100% green therefore totally electric. About the production placeif the current line is produced in the Pomigliano d’Arco plant, the same will cease in 2026. In the meantime, the new model will debut which, apparently, will be produced outside Italy.

According to rumors, the Fiat Chrysler plant in Kragujevac, Serbia, could be used as a manufacturing site for the new Panda. At the moment, however, it is good to specify, no confirmations have taken place officers.

The car will change segment, and will switch to the segment B, with a length of almost 4 meters. The design will be inspired by the concept One hundred and twenty, exhibited by Fiat at the Geneva Motor Show. In this regard, this is the concept designed for all electric cars of the brand’s future production.

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