Fiat Panda, with super tuning becomes a demon-possessed missile | Other than Lancia Delta Integrale [Video]

The track images of the Fiat Panda Rally show all the power of the car. The video is exciting.

For all fans of the world of motors, seeing certain models transformed into entrancing powers can only make them greedy. The desire to get inside the passenger compartment and drive is too strong and nothing prevents anyone from being able to do so. In fact, there are various tutorials on the web that can make you understand how simple it is possible to modify any type of car, you just need the right place, equipment and money to be able to tackle an activity of this kind.

The white Fiat Panda Rally (WebSource)

A video that is running online shows how a Fiat Panda can also be transformed into a Rally model. Not one of the simple ones, but powerful enough to be able to challenge the big brands of the WRC. Obviously, when it comes to these levels, one cannot fail to mention the very famous Lancia Delta Integrale, which has become the emblem of the category. A concentration of rumble, power and high-level performance, which cannot be easily surpassed, except by mechanics capable of giving their best.

The rally Panda on the track

After careful processing by the owner of a more than special Fiat model, you can see all the changes made once it has been put on the track. We started by pushing a Panda model to be scrapped, without the doors and pushed by hand up to a garage. The video looks like it came out of the 80s-90s American comedies and with the owner who seems to have the Benny Hill attitudes. But what he does next will make him a ‘space’ pilot. Seeing is believing!

The video of the Fiat Panda rally

The M-Sport page uploaded these amazing images and they seem to be shot like a movie. There is so much of a multinational auto executive watching driver performance and a mind-boggling finish. The man, once he got his modified Panda, got ready to test it on the track, dressing just like a racing driver.

His old celestine car has become a spectacular racing car, complete with ailerons and alloy wheels. The race on an impervious track full of curves wears his body, which at the end of the laps falls to the ground in amazement. A concentrate of emotions to be watched and admired in just 5 minutes.

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