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The conductor uncorked sparkling wine and celebrated the death of the English sovereign

Santiago Cuneo, an Argentine television journalist and politician, announced the death of Queen Elizabeth by uncorking sparkling wine, applauding and laughing. “The old woman is dead, she is finished once and for all” he said on live television, adding “thunderous applause for Satan who took her away”. While the world learned with pain the disappearance of the English sovereignCuneo stated: “I promised we would toast when this British garbage was dead, this filth of Lucifer.”

The memory of the Falklands does not justify

Phrases that have created a great scandal even among the Argentines themselves, who have not forgotten the contrasts during and after the Falklands war, a military conflict fought in 1982 between the two nations for the domination of the islands. But these words, so violent and out of control, were unjustifiable for everyone, including Argentines. “This Hitler fan has finally come to an end,” Santiago Cuneo continued during the program. While the conductor’s drama was in progress, the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death was also learned by those who live on those islands, which finally passed into the hands of London. In addition to obscuring the internet pages for a few minutes, the islanders proclaimed a state of mourning and the flags were put at half mast.

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