fines to Juve and Milan, Inter and Rome restrictions on the market

After the rumors of The Times on Financial Fair Play, backstage on possible fines for clubs ended up in Ceferin’s crosshairs pop up

I’m Inter, Rome, Juventus And Milan the four Italian clubs under the attention of UEFA for the financial results obtained in the last three years. In the coming days, the football institution will publish a press release announcing the disciplinary measures against about twenty top European clubs, including also PSG, Marseille, Monaco, Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčArsenal And Besiktas. For Milan and Juventus, having agreed on a shorter repayment plan, there is only a limited financial penalty, 3 million for the bianconeri and 2 millions for the champions of Italy. Inter and Roma, on the other hand, in the event of failure to restore their respective positions, could run counter to measures of a sporting nature such as the reduction of the number of players to be included in the squad for the European cups until, according to Republicto market restrictions 2023.

FromUefa sanctions are about to rain down on clubs found guilty of violation of the rules on Financial Fair Play, in the monitoring period 2018-2021. As reported Republicthe Juventus will get away with one a mild fine, around 3 million: nothing burdensome for the company’s coffers. Ditto for the Milanright a couple of million fine. Different speech instead for Rome and Inter. The two clubs, like others, have been negotiating since June a Settlement Agreement with Uefa which should end within ten days and will lead to economic sanctions and sanctions market restrictions 2023such as theobligation to close the balance of the season’s transfers in surplus. Practically, Roma and Inter’s signings next year could be limited by UEFA control.

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The heaviest consequences will hit the PSGwhich will pay a fine from approx 10 million euros. UEFA has chosen not to be particularly hard on anyone: aware of how the Covid has affected the accounts especially in the two-year period 2019-2021that of closed stadiums, the flight of sponsors and the collapse of the transfer market. The interested clubs had already been contacted and the various Settlement Agreements are in the last phase of drafting, but not yet signed. The clubs and UEFA will meet in the coming days a Istanbul: the board ofECA (Association of European Clubs) will in fact meet in Turkey a few hours before Champions League group stage draws on 25 August.

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