“Fired at 40”: Rudy Zerbi’s distressing confession

During the first episode of A coffee withbroadcast by colleague Lorella Cuccarini, Rudy Zerbi spoke about the relationship with Maria De Filippi and how the collaboration with the father of all talents was born, that is Friends . And so comes the confession, decidedly distressing …

Guest on first appointment with colleague’s online program Lorella Cuccarini, A coffee with …. Rudy Zerbithe historic singing teacher of the talent show of Friendsspoke about his relationship with Queen Maryrevealing some absolutely unpublished background.

Maria De Filippicreator and host of the most famous school in Italy, was – to say the least – fundamental for Zerbi to whom he gave valuable advice, such as that of learn about television before joining it and show yourself to the public exactly for what you are, without hiding the truth.

Speaking of which he said: “I am never ashamed to tell that I was fired. The failures e things that don’t work in life shouldn’t be hidden. It is unthinkable that everything will go well in a lifetime. At 30, I became president and CEO of Sony. I was young, I had power, money and an extraordinary life. One day from America they called me and talked about the company merger and they told me they no longer need me“.

The bitter memory of Rudy Zerbi

Shortly thereafter, he upped the ante by saying: ““ They fired me. At that moment I found myself at less than 40 years old with 3 children, with a life ahead of me. I didn’t know what to do. The record situation was terrible, then I was going to Friends as president of Sony and the first thing I did was call Maria to inform her of the news and thanked her. She told me she had a good time and that she liked the way I worked and she told me to go to work with her“.

Rudy Zerbi does not lose heart, that for him it is a return “to the origins”?

In the course of his chat with Lorellathe singing teacher talked about his previous experience on the radio, the place where – according to him – he feels most at home: “The radio is my home and it is the place where I feel most at ease and as they say ‘I go in slippers’. Not just because I do it very early in the morning, but I feel completely comfortable. Television as I made it up to now is not a protagonist, therefore as a conductor. So it’s a TV that it always left me with the convenience of being in a side role. It’s easier”. And on the radio, what exactly does it do?

“On the radio I conduct and have my own program. Since I no longer do it I regret my job as a record company a lot. I have been lucky enough to work with the greatest artists in the world. In Italy with everyone, maybe just with you (turning to Lorella) I didn’t have a chance, damn it ”, she then said.

It is not excluded that Rudy now, from the height of his great radio experience and thanks to all the means and knowledge acquired also through television, he is not ready for a return with great fanfare in his home, that is the radio, even stronger and at the forefront than evernow capable of giving a further turn to his career and above all to his profession, bringing more “color” to his current and / or future programs.

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