Fixed hydrogen leak on Artemis 1 rocket

The Artemis 1 megarazzo is ready for a new refueling test.
NASA engineers have repaired the hydrogen leaks due to the cancellation of the first two launch attempts, those of August 29 and September 3.
Stopped on pad 39B of the Kennedy Space Center, the Space Launch System replaced the defective seals along two power lines.
A main one with a diameter of 20 centimeters, which loads liquid hydrogen into the central stage of the rocket, and a smaller one, which redirects the propellant during refueling.
The intervention will allow the execution of a test refueling scheduled for next September 17, in which to verify that the leaks have actually been resolved. The test will test the seals in super-cold conditions, as expected on launch day. The rocket’s four main engines will be cooled to minus 251 degrees Celsius, thus preparing them for the super-cooled propellant.
The next attempt to launch Artemis 1 depends on the overcoming of this crucial verification, for which NASA has formalized two available dates: 23 and 27 September.
Therefore, the road to the debut of the Space Launch System, the super rocket of the Artemis program, to which the Italian Space Agency joined in 2019, is not at all obvious. With Artemis Nasa and its international partners aim to bring Man back to the Moon.

Featured image: NASA’s Space Launch System stopped at Launch Pad 39B. Credits: Nasa

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