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Food poisoning, here are which ones to pay particular attention to: underestimating them is a real risk

Food poisoning (Pixabay)

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Food poisoning is something you can’t mess with. The symptoms are very severe: from nausea, to vomiting, to fever (even very high). When we suspect that we have food poisoning, contact our doctor right away. It is also easier to get intoxicated if you are of a certain age or have some debilitating pathology.

Food poisoning, here are the most common

Food poisoning should never be taken lightly, if ever there is someone who intends to do so. In fact, not only are the symptoms particularly disabling, but the risk is also real for our health. But what is the cause of food poisoning? Basically, the presence of alien bacteria and germs in a food that they shouldn’t be in.

We therefore speak widely of food contamination. To understand what it is, we will make an example that is taken from everyday life so that it is accessible to everyone. Have you ever placed two foods that have nothing to do with each other in the refrigerator? You will have quickly realized that they have ended up taking in the scent of each other. This also happens with pathogens on their surface.

By virtue of the enormous globalization that our planet is experiencing, there is more and more transport involving food from all over the world. This greatly amplifies the possibility that the food that arrives on the shelves is contaminated: one more reason to choose zero kilometer products anyway.

But which are the products most subject to food contamination and, therefore, more prone to poisoning us? Until recently, the finger was pointed at red meat, always the target of criticism. Now, surprisingly, vegetables come first. It is one more reason why we must be particularly careful when we decide to clean it, using specific disinfectant products.

In second place the meat of poultry and turkey and actually followed, still on the podium, the Red meat. There is no shortage of dairy products, eggs, fish, fruit, and alcoholic beverages.

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