Foods that should never be cooked in the Cook Air Fryer

Now the object of desire of anyone who loves or does not love to cook, because the air fryer it does everything for everyone: it oversimplifies the preparations of those who are already skilled in the kitchen, allowing complex dishes to be put on the table in a short time, and at the same time it makes the work even less tiring for those who have little skill and do not even want to learn. Because it is enough to dive into the ingredients and, after setting it as indicated, it does everything by itself: with a whirlwind of hot air it eliminates the humidity of the foods and makes them very crunchy. The results in terms of flavor are very similar to those of normal frying or baking in the oven. The advantages are also others: first of all dishes lighter because very little oil is needed in the air fryer (just a splash), a lower energy expenditure than the oven because it takes less time to heat up and cooks faster and, last but not least, less effort is also made in cleaning because nothing gets dirty with the air fryer.
So in the blink of an eye it gets ready meatfish, vegetables and many other ingredients. Ua very long but not infinite listbecause the cooking way of the air fryer it does not lend itself to any type of food or preparation. Here’s why.
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