Former competitor GF Vip, heartbreaking announcement: “The heart was no longer beating”

A sad announcement has shocked the web and the faithful Mediaset viewers: a former competitor of Big Brother Vip has communicated to his followers that he had lost his son early. Let’s see what happened.

The dramatic news concerns Wild Rome and of Luca Teti, who found the courage to announce that they had lost their child and then shut themselves up in deafening silence. A dramatic and unexpected news that saddened the web and the fans closest to the couple.

The two have always been very active on social media and immediately involved their followers in the pregnancy path. In fact, when the former Temptation Island competitorSelvaggia Roma, had discovered that she was pregnant, she had immediately notified her fans by sharing the joy.

Wild Rome

“I am grateful to life for letting me meet you. Hoping that life gives us this child safe and sound. I’m so happy, so excited and so curious about the future to come “

These are the words to communicate to the web that she is pregnant. Now, however, comes the sad announcement that completely changes the cards on the table. Nobody expected it, let’s see what the complications were.

“The heart was no longer beating”

Wild Rome and of Luca Teti they communicate that they have lost the child the woman was carrying. An unexpected news, which falls on the life of the two influencers like a bolt from the blue.

But how did it happen? Recently, Selvaggia had contracted a virus belonging to the herpes family. Nothing to worry about, but potentially dangerous for pregnant women.

In the period of recovery from the virus, the couple did not think that their little girl’s heart had stopped beating. The gynecologist gave the dramatic news during one routine visit.

Selvaggia informed the most loyal fans through an Instagram story, in which she wrote a few words full of pain. Nobody expected that she would end up like this … Now the couple just have to “hold on to their pain”, asking for respect for the terrible grief they are facing.

Wild Rome

Here’s what Selvaggia Roma wrote on Instagram:

“It is news that I never wanted to receive and give, unfortunately this morning in a routine visit to the gynecologist they realized that our little girl’s heart was no longer beating I don’t add anything else I hold on to my pain. Please respect us

He was the couple’s first child and that “Our little one” let it be a sissy.

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