Francesca Manzini, change and lost kilos: “I wanted to heal”

The change of Francesca Manzini. In a video that the showgirl posts on her profile Instagramshe shoots herself in front of the mirror in her underwear to show her fitness dazzling and enviable. In recent times, the actress, imitator and, recently, presenter of Striscia la Notizia has become fully operational and, between training and nutrition, has managed to to break free of those extra pounds that had tormented her for some time. “Changing is an act of courage and I had it, I wanted to heal, I left the comfort zone where I had rested for years, I wanted to feel and I’m loving myself, it’s beautiful, do it and don’t listen to anyone but you themselves, those who love you and those who care for you. I lost 14kg and I still have a long way to go to achieve physical equilibrium, not the catch-the-keeper stereotype ».

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Therefore, Francesca herself has communicated that she has lost 14 kg, even if, according to her, her ideal weight has not yet been reached. The imitator, in fact, has suffered in the past from serious eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Problems that, fortunately, she seems to have definitely thrown herself behind her.

The actress is now happily engaged to Marcos Scimia Vaia (a barber), known for being the official Italian double of US actor Johnny Depp. Vaia has popped up, among other things, just recently in the funny promo of Big Brother Vip, where he plays the role of the American actor in a sketch with Alfonso Signorini.

After the end of the relationship with her former historian Christian Vitelli (with whom she should also have married, as told to Diva and Donna) today Francesca has been reborn in toto with her “pure love” and her physical form reborn.

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