Francesca Pascale had other companions before Berlusconi: the revelation

  • The former partner of the Knight said it in response to a bad comment from a follower
  • On the afternoon of Sunday 28 August he posted a rare selfie with his wife Paola Turci on Instagram

Francesca Pascale this time he didn’t want to keep quiet. Faced with the umpteenth provocation of a profile without a photo under one of his Instagram posts, he decided to reply to the rhymes. In doing so she thus revealed, apparently, that prior to the relationship with Silvio Berlusconi he had others romantic relationships with people of his own same sex.

Francesca Pascale, 37, and Paola Turci, 57, in a rare couple selfie

The 37-year-old Neapolitan, who has been the singer’s wife for less than two months Paola Turcion the afternoon of Sunday 28 August he shared a very rare on the social network selfie in the company of his better half. Among the comments that appeared under the shot also the rather inappropriate one of a user who questioned the feelings of Pacale. He has written: “Francesca, do I have to believe you now or before when you were with Berlusconi?”.

Then the response of the person concerned: “And those Before What does Berlusconi do, don’t you consider them? “. “Rather than suffer the doubt, just face it his business. I’m afraid that to write crap, without putting your face on it, as cowards usually do, you lose the loyalty of his house “Pascale added.

Francesca’s words therefore seem to refer to other stories with women prior to the relationship with Berlusconi. This did not stop her from having strong feelings for a man as well.

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