Francesco and Ilary again under the same roof, waiting for the separation –

Decisive week: without the agreement between the parties, there is a risk of a long legal battle

Turn that turns you again we find them again there. Under the same (very spacious) marital roof of the megavilla to the Eur. Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi they are separated in the house. As indeed they were before the farewell announced with double press release on 11 Julybecause the crisiseven the walls have understood it by now, it comes from afar.

Although sure, with over a thousand square meters available and 25 rooms in which to shelter, not that you step on your feet too much. Legally they still are husband and wife and as such, whether they like it or not (well, no) they coexist.

Now to get serious. And this one has just begun the decisive week.

Francesco and Ilary will have to make a final choice, just like their goodbye after seventeen years of marriage. Proceed by mutual agreement towards a consensual separation. Or turn sharply towards that judicial (hypothesis not so unlikely at the moment), with the consequences of the case: three years or so of clashes in court to divide, in addition to their own roads, also the substantial family assets.

What their respective lawyers hope – the Milanese Alessandro Simeone for the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi, and the Roman-Milanese duo Antonio Conte-Annamaria Bernardini de Pace for the eternal number 10 of Rome – that the grudges and misunderstandings of the last year and a half between Francesco and Ilary, already en route before the Captain’s horizon appeared Noemi Bocchi, are pragmatically put aside, common sense triumphs and stamped papers are easy to fill out.

In theory, if the contrasts were reduced to a minimum, to initialize the agreement and sanction farewell even seven to ten days could be enough: it was nice, but not lasted.

The reality has never been so simple.

Archived now the holidays (during which Ilary was strolling around the world) the seaside residence of Sabaudia (where Totti has never returned, no secret meeting with his lawyers), the two exes have returned to the base. Together to the three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, who have respectively resumed or started lessons (the little one in first grade). The relationships between them are what they are. Civil but detached.

No act of peace it was never signed between the parties, also because such a case does not exist in the civil code. And the lawsuit hasn’t even started.

Francesco would be exasperated by the incessant media exposure – which Ilary does not seem to shy away from: after vacationer photohowever, continues to post his life on Instagram, sincetraining in the gymto the new hair cut and color (longer and more platinum), al Isabel’s first day of school.

Shots, the latter, that would have annoyed Totti, justified absent for previous commitments, because he made us the figure of the fugitive father – while during the Milanese trips of Blasi, engaged for months with Mediaset, the former captain of Rome would have always been present with children.

Certainly, then, Totti will not have appreciated the sexy shots of a very young Blasi, which remained in oblivion for decades (they were probably the ones he talked about Fabrizio Corona: Ilary called him a liar, or rather a caciottaro), and now reprinted with a timing that some find too perfect.

Despite the discontent, however, the Captain would be firmly oriented to one consensual separationwith no further fanfare or low blows.

It remains to be seen what the thought of Ilary.

And if really – as the Sibyls predict – the former Letterina wanted to take time waiting for it to start again very true (September 17), where dear friend Silvia Toffanin would be waiting for her for an open-hearted interview. It is easy to predict that, if that were the case, the court battle would be upon us.

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