Francesco Chiofalo discharged from the hospital returns to Rome in a wheelchair

These are difficult days for Francesco Chiofalo. The former face of Temptation Island was in Catania on business, when he accused a sickness. The personal trainer said he could no longer feel a leg and was rushed to the emergency room. From the first moments of bewilderment to the rush to the hospital, Chiofalo has documented everything in his Instagram stories. A media exposure that did not please the followers of the Roman, who harshly criticized the choice of him. So the 33-year-old in this difficult moment was hit by the storm, so much so that he was forced to make his social profile private, not giving more updates on his health. It was the gossip expert Deianira Marzano who took Chiofalo’s defense: “Guys, since many have written to me worried, I talked to Francesco Chiofalo”, wrote the Casertana in an Instagram story, reassuring fans about her health conditions boy’s. “I know him well and the fact that he has filmed everything is because Francesco, like so many of us, lives a life in symbiosis with the telephone, with which he shares his reality” he added, concluding: “I’m sorry but it is no small matter. serious. For privacy I will not say what happens then he will surely talk about it with you, but now he was still in the hospital, he was scared waiting for other tests. We just have to wait “.

Chiofalo sighted in Fiumicino

After days of social silence, Marzano has once again come to inform followers about Chiofalo’s health conditions. The influencer posted a video sent by a fan showing Francesco at Fiumicino airport returning from Catania. The Roman appears tired and knocked down in a wheelchair, pushed by an operator who accompanies him: “I met him yesterday in the late afternoon at Rome Fiumicino airport. He was in rather bad shape, he did not walk, he was in a wheelchair accompanied by an OS from Fiumicino airport, he seemed very tried and very low in morale. I’m honest I was sorry to see him in those conditions, poor thing “, wrote the informant. For now, everything is silent from Chiofalo’s profile, but the images of the powerful personal trainer throw the fans into despair, who are waiting for reassurance on his state of health.

The images published by Deianira Marzano on Instagram


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