Francesco Chiofalo, the first words after being admitted to the emergency room

Francesco Chiofalo is back on social media to update the most loyal fans about his health conditions.

Certainly for the former face of Temptation Island these are not entirely easy days. Following an evening event in a well-known nightclub in Catania, Francis was rushed to the nearest emergency room after suffering a strange illness. Moments like that of getting into an ambulance, or that of arriving at the hospital, all documented by the person concerned through his social networks.

Hence numerous users who have condemned this gesture of wanting to share delicate and intimate situations at all costs. The Roman, however, defended himself through friends, explaining that it was only a moment of fear, as he found himself afraid, away from loved ones and in a city unknown to him. So, to feel less alone, he shared everything with the ever-present fans.

It is not yet well understood what the malaise was accused by Lentil, and not even what the kind of physical problem is. After that evening, neither Francis and neither did his fiancée Drusilla Gucci they didnt know anything. What we learned about his health, they were minor updates had thanks to friends like Deianira Marzano. Or even thanks to users who recognized it on the street. The situation was always the same: Francis in a wheelchair, sad, worried.

Now, a few days later, he has just intervened Francesco Chiofalo on his Instagram profile to update about the delicate situation he is experiencing:

I am going through a difficult time. I’ve been pretty sick these days. I’m better now but I’m still not fine. I don’t want to show up because unfortunately I’m not presentable. For this reason I have not been present on Instagram anymore. As soon as I have recovered and will be presentable again, I will explain to you what happened to me and why I was hospitalized urgently. I have received so many messages of comfort. I want to thank every single person who spent even a second of her life texting me to support me in this difficult time. Thank you so much, I’m speechless.

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