Francesco Renga and his daughter Jolanda burst into tears together on stage: what happened

During his last concert, a special guest joined Francesco Renga on stage. Here’s who it is and what happened: the singer broke down in tears, that’s why.

The famous singer Francesco Renga is currently engaged in the dates of the summer suotour. The interpreter de ‘Your beauty’ for years he has been linked to the former talent actress of Non รจ la Rai Ambra Angiolini. The two had a beautiful and intense love story, crowned with the marriage and the birth of two children: Jolanda and Leonardo. But then something broke: the story ended and the two separated. Angiolini subsequently linked up with Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, ending this relationship last year as well.

Relations between her and the Friulian singer-songwriter are currently splendid, with no aftermath of hatred and resentment. They have managed over time to preserve something wonderful despite being separated for the sake of their two boys. Own Jolanda, their eldest daughter who today has reached the age of majority, was the protagonist of a very special moment in the company of her father. Here’s what happened and why the two ended up in tears on the stage of Civitavecchia.

Francesco Renga and Jolanda cry together in Civitavecchia

A few nights ago, during his performance on the notes of Angel, someone pinched the daughter of Francesco Renga, Jolanda, behind the scenes of the concert. As expected, the girl sang from beginning to end the song that her father dedicated to her and which brought him victory at Sanremo Festival. The words are in fact a poignant prayer to the deceased mother of the singer-songwriter with the aim of protecting the eldest daughter from the pitfalls that her life could have reserved for her. The girl appeared visibly moved and touched by the moment, so much so that everything reached the ears of her father who decided to call her on stage.

At that moment, the two let themselves go to a moved hug and many tears. A moment as beautiful and intense as it is unexpected. Renga has in fact apologized to the fans present at the concert on Instagram stating that he was unable to contain himself since he was reached by his ‘great love’ in the midst of an exhibition so important for them. Other than resentment, the fans greatly appreciated this episode documenting it with a series of videos that are depopulating in these hours on social networks. Furthermore, the comments were of appreciation for the unprecedented father and daughter couple on stage in tears.

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